Welcome to the 314th Infantry Association of WWII.  Here we hope you will find here what you are looking for.  We have suggestions on how to search for veterans, battle maps of the 314th, upcoming meeting information and more.  

The 314th has a very distinguished battle history and we are dedicated to preserving the memory of the veterans of the 314th.  In WWII, the 314th Infantry Regiment was part of the U.S. 79th Division, a spearhead divisioh under the command of General George Patton.  Our fathers and grandfathers fought on the front lines throughout Europe.  They were among the first divisions to capture a bridge over the Rhine river, before Hitler destroyed the many other bridges over the Rhine to protect Germany from Allied forces.

79th infantry 800
The Cross of Lorraine signifies:
1, a region in France often first        to be invaded by Germany
2, French Resistance in WWII
3, US Army 79th Div. Insignia