Our policy is very simple:

1. If you give us your email and/or postal address, these are kept in secure spreadsheets, only for our use.

2. We do not share, rent, sell or release any information you may give us, unless we receive a formal court order to do so.

3. We do not place cookies on your computer.

4. We will not ask you for confidential informatoin such as DoB, Social Security Number, or other highly sensitive information.  If you register for an annual meeting or other event which is being held on a military base, to be included on the gate security guest list it is usually required that we submit to the base your DoB, SS# and driver's license.  Only on this rare occassion will we ask you for confidential information.  

5. We ask you to never share with us similar information - our computers are firewalled and password secured, yet it is remotely possible that any small computer could be hacked.  So please do not give us highly sensity information.  Any confidential information you may choose to give us will be kept in password protected files.

6.  It is highly unlikely that we would degrade the above policies; any changes in the above policies would be posted here and announced in our newsletter.

We welcome you to use the "Contact Us" form if you have any questions about our privacy policy.